Get Invloved

Get Involved

Missing Children Minnesota has many ways for you to become involved. Here are just a few!

1. Volunteer!

We always have projects and special needs that can be filled by volunteers. Whether you have a few hours every month or every week, there are many ways you can help. In addition, many companies offer paid time off for their employees to volunteer – check with you human resources or community relations department. Here is a small sampling of projects completed by volunteers in the last year:

  • Redesign of our webpage
  • Coordination of sponsors, gifts and donors for the annual Mystery Dinner
  • Cooking and clean up at the annual Mystery Dinner
  • Complete inventory of all of MCM’s educational materials
  • Relabeling of books with updated phone listings and addresses
  • Accounting and completion of our annual 1099

Currently, MCM has these opportunities for volunteers available:

Part Time Office Manager!

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  • Perfect for a retired individual or stay-at-home-mom with school age children!
  • We’re looking for someone who would be willing to donate 10-20 hours per week helping us answer phones, write correspondence, take care of mailing and complete general office administration tasks. Must be familiar with Macintosh or willing to learn! Hours are flexible.

Archival Specialist!

MCM celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2004 and as an older organization, we have many old materials that need to be transferred into a searchable archive or file. Newsletters, press clippings and many other hard-copy materials are taking up space and need to be organized and purged. This project will take approximately 10-20 hours to complete (possibly less for a really organized individual!) and the hours are flexible. Must be comfortable sorting and filing.

Organizer Extraordinaire!

In 2001 MCM moved to our current office space in the Ford Centre after occupying a much larger space in Northern Minneapolis. We are having difficulty organizing all of our stuff into the small space! We’d love someone with organizing knowledge (a professional???) who could tell us how to use the space more effectively. Hours are flexible!

Library Clerk!

MCM is designated as a special collection because of the extensive number of materials that we possess about missing children, personal safety and child abduction. Although these items are loosely organized, they have never been inventoried or categorized. This would be an excellent opportunity for a library science student or library professional. We estimate that the project would take between 5-10 hours.

We have many other smaller projects that can be fulfilled by volunteers! Please contact us to see how you can help!

2. Join Code Blue!

Sign up for the Code Blue email list to receive missing child email alerts.

3. Make a Gift!

Missing Children Minnesota is a non-profit organization. As such, we are always in need of donations – both monetary and in-kind. Monetary gifts can be made directly through the office or online at Contact Carrie Gerber for more information about charitable giving, corporate sponsorship and major gifts.

4. Designate us in your workplace giving campaign!

MCM is a member of Community Solutions Fund (logo here) the second-largest workplace giving campaign in the Twin Cities area. You can donate to us through Community Solutions Fund, or any other giving campaign, simply by designating Missing Children Minnesota as the recipient of your donation. In addition, please check to see if your company offers a matching gift program before you donate!

5. Make an In-Kind Donation

In addition, MCM maintains a wish list of items that we need to help us continue in our mission. The current list can be found here: (Make a Gift page) MCM accepts items in good, working condition. Please contact us before sending an in-kind donation so that we can thank you properly!

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(612) 334-9449, Toll Free 1-888-RUN-YELL (888) 786-9355